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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #018- Allergy Season
June 03, 2013

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 2 #18 June 3, 2013

Taking Care of Ourselves - Allergy Season
A Practical Tip/Solution - Allergies and Sinus Problems
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Taking Care of Myself - Allergy Season

For some allergy season comes when the trees start budding, the grass turns green, and spring is bursting out all over. For others, it is the summer when hot winds blow dust around in capricious swirls, and certain flowers and grains are ripening, so their pollens are floating on those gusty breezes and winds; that's when some people hole up in their homes, and refuse to come out.

Then there are people - (this was my story for years) - who have some trouble in spring and some in summer, on a windy day, but really have a miserable life in late summer and early fall, when the ragweed pollen is high and this weed seems to grow everywhere! I should hasten to add - for me that is more or less past tense. I used to have a miserable life from mid-August to the first hard frost in October or November.

The allergy era of my life was in the 1970s when I lived in London, Ontario, (Canada). My eyes itched and watered constantly, my sinuses were filled all day, and I resorted to blowing my nose with toilet paper because I couldn't afford all the tissues I had to go through. My head felt soggy and heavy and was hard to hold up at work, but staying home and doing nothing at all, except dwell on my misery, didn't work for me either. So I went to work, where the air-conditioning units on the roof of the Philips factory, caught up the ragweed pollen on the neglected road allowance beside our building and threw it down on me - as chilled pollen!

I still remember the day I first became aware that I had "allergies." My eyes had itched and itched so bad, and I'd rubbed them like crazy. Then the secretary to the General Manager came by my desk and exclaimed, "What happened to you! Your face is all blown up!"

I went around the corner to quickly look in a bathroom mirror. Oh my! I had pink balloons all around my eyes and they looked like they were filled with a fluid. Iola quickly called a cab and sent me to a doctor's office near the area where I lived.

He was a new doctor and had to pull down a big fat book to look up what to do for me. He gave me a cortisone shot and sent me home to rest, and then the following week to a specialist for allergy tests. (I was positive for nine allergies!)

My landlady took pity on me, and loaned me her book, "Let's Get Well!" by Adelle Davis, and gave me a big bottle of Vitamin C tablets. I popped one in my mouth every 15 minutes as I read. By the next morning I had relief, but I was also determined to find natural ways and means to conquer this problem. I no longer laughed at people who talked of natural health remedies.

It took a number of years and much prayer, but I do feel I was healed. Though... when allergy seasons roll around I do sometimes I get itchy eyes, and that vague soggy feeling in my sinuses. Just a minor hint of what I used to go through. Fortunately, I know a number of solutions now to this problem.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Allergies and Sinus Problems

The drugs and anti-histamines for allergies and sinus problems only ease the symptoms temporarily, and if you take them a lot, you will become dependent on them, and then eventually, your body ignores them - so they do no good. It is better to discover the root causes and clear those up. Then you get more lasting solutions to allergy and sinus problems.

Basically, your auto-immune system is panicking when you have an allergy attack, so eating only healthy foods, and taking some supplements to give you strong good health is the best tactic.

Vitamins C & E - will reduce the histamine that the immune system is producing, and that will relieve a number of symptoms. If you take too much C, you will just notice that your urine turns lemony-yellow, and your mouth may become itchy. Cut back on C, but don't quit.

B Vitamins - A day or two of mega vitamin C is going to rinse the B vitamins out of your body in that yellow urine, and you will feel weak and tired, and plum worn out. So you need to increase all the B vitamins at the same time to build up your strength.

Flavonoids - are a part of the whole B vitamins complex. These come from the white on the inside of the rind or skin of citrus fruits. The juicy part gives you pure, raw Vitamin C. So if you can, get your supplements straight from lemons and oranges and other citrus fruits. If you think the white lining of the peel is too difficult to eat, juice the fruit, except for the outer skins.

Other advisers are saying that there is something afoul in the gut when you get allergies, and even with the above suggestions, you are likely to end up with allergies to many foods. It was that which convinced me that a good cleanse of the digestive system could give a more permanent cure of allergies.

For that I like Clean 9 as it is very gentle. But now that I've tried something new, My Miracle Tea, I like it too! It's easier and costs less!

I Can Recommend - MyMiracleTea

So many people ask me about aloe vera that I don't get to talk about another of my interests - herbs. I'm no expert yet, but I do like to study up on herbs and their uses. Just in this last month I made a new herbal discovery, a tea of certain herbs, that is known as My Miracle Tea. The herbs in My Miracle Tea area persimmon leaf, malva leaf, blessed thistle, and marshmallow root. This original recipe was first known as Holy Tea, and was designed by a Dr. Miller.

Since then another enhanced recipe has been formulated that has the same herbs as above, but with ginger and chamomile added.

Both teas are available at this site: MyMiracleTea I decided to order a week's supply of each, the original and enhanced recipes. Actually, that's if you take two cups a day. I found that one cup a day was enough for me, and last week, while traveling to, during and home from a seminar, I just added my daily quarter cup of the steeped and chilled tea to my daily water bottle.

The site tells of many ways My Miracle Tea detoxes and how it has helped cleanse bowels, clear up allergies, acid reflux, heartburn, and some have lost amazing amounts of weight!

If you sign up for the newsletter you get a $2 off, and I found the total order came in under $10 US. But from the testimonials I see that many users become devoted fans and insist on using it daily the rest of their lives! (Hey, look for the video of 91 year old Grandma Lee singing the praises of this tea - you'll laugh!)

But here is another good remedy for allergies and sinus problems! MyMiracleTea

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