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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #030 - Propagation of Aloe Vera Plants
June 02, 2014

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 3 #30 June 2, 2014

Taking Care of Ourselves - Propagation of Aloe Vera Plants
A Practical Tip/Solution - Finding Aloe Vera Plants
I Recommend - More and Faster than Plants
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Propagation of Aloe Vera Plants

Let's talk propagation of aloe vera plants, or how to multiply them. Here is my own simple propagation method for starting new aloe vera plants fully described, including soil preparation, whether to fertilize, and how to prop up a leaning plant.

An aloe vera plant will sprout little baby plants from it's roots. At least, I've called them babies. I believe the proper name is offsets. Later I discovered that many others refer to these little plants as pups. In any case, propagation from your first plant is quite easy.

Gently pull away these new little plants, trying to keep as much of the white rootlet with it as possible, including any little hair roots, and place it in a depression in another pot of soil. Press the soil close around the root and your baby aloe vera is ready to grow on it's own.

That sounds almost too easy? Then lets discuss propagation in more detail. You can also see my steps in photos. Also on my propagation page.

In doing some research on this now, I discover that others have more complicated ways of doing it. However since you are here on my site to learn from me, that's really as simple as I keep it.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Finding Aloe Vera Plants

One of the first questions people ask me is about finding aloe vera plants. They would like to grow some too, but seem to have never seen or heard of them before. I'll give my advice here in case that's your question too.

Aloe vera plants are more common than you realize. Ask among your friends. If they are quite young, they might say, "Oh, I think my Mom, (or, Grandma) has one of those." If your friends are 30 and older, they are likely to say, "I've got a few." Or, do you know so-and-so? They have a window sill full of aloe vera at their house."

So my first advice is to ask around, and when you get some leads, go visit those people and inquire whether they have any aloe vera plants they would be willing to give or sell you for a tip. You are quite likely to have some offered to you for free. Or they might want a small cash tip. If you look after these plants and water them about once a week, you will soon see offsets or babies that you can pull away from the root and use to start new plants. In a few months you will be surprised at how well they do - especially if placed in indirect sunlight.

If you cannot find any aloe vera plants this way, try this second option; visit all the stores and nurseries in your area that sell plants. Even hardware stores like Home Depot, which have a plant and gardening section. You may not find any at the first few you visit, but eventually, especially if you ask the staff, you might find some for sale.

In my experience, the answer I've received from some sales staff is, "Oh everybody grows those at home. We don't see any market for aloe vera plants." You may have to convince them that you could not come up with any from your family circle and friends, so yes, there is a market for them. If the store owner or buyer hears that and takes it to heart they will soon be carrying aloe vera plants in their store.

Ultimately, however, as you learn to use aloe vera for more of your own, or your family's health needs, You will find that your plants can't keep up. It is a bit messy to clean, scrap and cut up to use the gel in the leaves. You may find that you are soon casting your eyess about for an easier way to get aloe vera on and into your body. See my recommendation for what to do about that - in the next section.

I Can Recommend - More and Faster than Plants

There are ways to benefit from aloe vera - ways more and faster than plants. You can drink juices, and swallow capsules, apply clean and well-prepared ointments and lotions from easy-to-pack tubes. You can even get aloe vera's healthy benefits through your make-up, and toothpaste.

At first I said, "I can't afford all those products; I'd rather have aloe vera straight from a plant."

But my aloe vera plants don't thrive as well in my current house, and I've become so busy with my businesses, and volunteer work, that I haven't got time to spend with my plants the way I used to do. Then, as I kept researching on the net, and tried some of those products, I discovered to my surprise that they really do have amazing advantages. I haven't thrown out my aloe vera plants. . .

However, I've taken to using my favourite aloe vera capsules on a regular basis, and enjoying various products from another company. I drink the aloe vera juice (sometimes sneaking an extra drink just because it tastes great), I apply the Aloe Vera Gelly to my hives when they show up, and the Aloe Heat Lotion when I sprain or strain some muscles. Makeup has never been a big deal to me, but I've taken to using an aloe vera based lipstick when I go out in public.

You know what else is funny? Or great! I can buy these at 35% off the retail prices, and then I get a commission on the order a few weeks later deposited right into my account.

I have a batch of videos that explain many of these things visually - and that very well. I'm not sure which one you might like to see most, so why not ask your particular question on this specific contact form That way I can answer you more exactly.

(Besides, I need time to learn how to post those videos tastefully on the site).

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