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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #005 - Making a Garden
May 07, 2012

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 1 # 5 May 77 2012

Results of Sending Aloe Vera - in April
Taking Care of Myself - Making a Garden
A Practical Tip/Solution - Aloe Vera Toilet Paper?
I Recommend - Great Taste - NO Pain!
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Results of Sending Aloe Vera - in April

Of the eight little aloe vera plants sent out in April, I've heard back from three subscribers who have received their plants. Some were a little wilted looking, but the roots were still damp. I want to thank Cheryl, Bob and Anthony for their feedback reports.

I suspect the one going to South Africa is still en route, but not sure about the others. This is a month later! So if they have not arrived by now I wonder if they will at all.

A hard and fast conclusion has not come to me yet, but I must say that I'm not terribly enthused right now about offering plants for sale and sending them out. It doesn't seem quite worth the effort, and if I were to charge customers and could not give better hope for good delivery, then it is probably best not to offer them for sale. - But I would not know about these problems if I had just plunged in without doing this experiment first. I'll announce it here when I have a final decision ready.

Taking Care of Myself - Making a Garden

By the time May rolls around, I'm itching to get my garden seeded. Some friends also get excited, even if they have no garden now, because they have memories of the family garden. Others get this glazed look pass over their eyes, and I'm pretty sure they are thinking, "Not me!" or, "Why would you be such a glutton for work?"

I recall that I didn't always enjoy being sent to weed the garden when I was young, or to pick the peas, or the raspberries, which were every other morning jobs in their seasons. But when I was able to start planning my own garden as a adult the excitement built up. I could choose the seeds and decide where to plant them. If things didn't work out well, I'd be sure to change my plans the next year in May.

Sometimes, when we have an early spring, I can start in April, but generally, in May I do most of the hard work, getting the garden soil tilled, then raking it and drawing lines with a hoe, and making little footpaths between every other row while I water the little trenches, and then put in the seeds, and go back over them with the rake to close the trench, and once more with the watering can to water them well. When done there no colour yet, but I'm pleased and content because I know that in a few weeks I'll be dashing out to pick salad greens, chives, onions, and so on, and the whole bland brown/black garden will be filling up with greens and colours.

By July my potatoes, squash and flowers are waist high and growing over my cement path through the garden so that I have hope and skip over vines until I finally decide to do some cutting back. I love that glorious riot of colours! In fact, this year I'm planning to major on flowers.

If you want to see photo stories of my garden in past summers you'll find links to them from this page on my novel's site; Author's Patio

How, do you ask, is making a garden taking care of myself?

Happy to tell you! I know that my vegetables and flowers - and raspberries - are chemical-free. They are fresh if I dash out to pick them for a quick salad just as I'm making my supper, and they save me a real chunk of grocery money.

On top of that, busy though I am with work that keeps me planted in front of my computer, having a garden forces me to make time to water it when I come home from the office, and to weed it at least every two or three Saturdays. This work gets me out into the sunshine which is great for my osteoporosis. I'm suppose to get more vitamin D into my body, and sunshine is ultimately better than the tablets.

I know it's not possible for everyone, but IF you could have a garden, if you are willing to make an effort, go for it! You'll do yourself the biggest favour!

A Practical Tip/Solution - Aloe Vera Toilet Paper?

Some weeks ago, I was hurrying off to a weekend conference, but knew that I ought to buy more toilet paper for the office bathroom. I stopped at a certain grocery store on the way home on Saturday because I'd seen a special on toilet paper in their weekend flier.

When I looked more closely at the ones on sale in the store I saw that one choice had aloe vera in it. Really? Well, then I must take that package and try this.

Now that I've tried such aloe vera saturated toilet paper out, I can tell you that although it feels very soothing and comfortable, it dissolves far too easily while wiping. Unpleasant surprises for your fingers! That means taking larger gobs of it to use. Take that into account if you wish to try it.

In fact, you might prefer to use it like gauze layers over open wounds. Now there this idea could shine.

Just remember that not every product that has aloe vera on it is 'wonderful'. Lots of companies are trying to cash in on the great popularity of aloe vera right now.

I Can Recommend - Great Taste - NO Pain!

Have you heard of food combining? Some foods should not be eaten together in the same meal as they cause digestive upsets. It's such a simple, non-medical way to clear up all kinds of problems that come as a result of things like eating fruit and vegetables at the same meal.

In my case I get cross-eyed sinus headaches when war settles into my digest tract. But I've found some really helpful information from a nurse who has published a book, called, Great Taste - NO Pain! You might want to check it out and see if this is for you too. Or someone you know.

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