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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #016- Getting Enough Sleep
April 01, 2013

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 2 #16 April 1, 2013

Taking Care of Ourselves - Getting Enough Sleep
A Practical Tip/Solution - To Get More Quality Sleep Time
I Recommend - Natural Remedies for Sleep
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Taking Care of Myself - Getting Enough Sleep

Do you have trouble getting enough sleep? Or do you drive yourself to work until your head hangs in involuntary sleep? I plead guilty to the latter. I've just been reading though in a newsletter from Dr. Jonathan Wright, and one of the most recent discoveries is that not getting enough sleep puts us at risk for other diseases.

Over at the University of Surrey, researchers took blood samples from volunteers who, for a week, enjoyed up to 10 hours of sleep a night. Then again, they took samples when they'd spent a week sleeping less than six hours a night. After that week of shorter nights the researcher found more than 700 changes to the volunteers' genes. Their very DNA was being re-written in such a way as to make them more susceptible to stresses, dysfunction of their immune systems, things like heart disease, diabetes, and other nasty problems. So - when I burn the proverbial midnight oil, I'm also burning up thousands of brain cells and changing my DNA. Things I need for good health!

I can't say I have trouble falling asleep, once I shut down the computer and have read in my little "reading room" until my head hangs, and I doze off, then wake up enough to go to bed. But I have friends who long to go to sleep and can't seem to do it. There are natural and safe remedies for that problem in things like melatonin, tart cherry juice, and oh, many other herbal remedies. (I haven't tried them so I have to be careful what I mention or recommend here).

The important point here is that either way, both kinds of people need to be working at getting enough sleep.

A Practical Tip/Solution - To Get More Quality Sleep Time

You may already know or have tried some of these tips, but then again, there may be some you have never heard of.

1. Spend some quiet time, physically and mentally, before your bedtime,
which should be at a regular time.
2. Related to above; give up coffee, chocolate, sweets, TV,
stimulating phone calls, or exciting reading.
3. Natural supplements can help; calcium and magnesium, melatonin,
valerian, camomile, etc.
4. High carbohydrate foods make some sleepy. (If I have potatoes or turkey
for supper my evening is practically lost!)
5. Turn down/off the lights and tune into soft music works for some.
6. Some people like exercise to unwind, (but exercise makes me come alive).
7. Drink warm milk, or an herbal tea like hot camomile, catnip, anise or fennel tea.
8. Try to sleep on a firm bed, and in a well-ventilated room.
9. Sleep on your back as it is most relaxing for your internal organs.
10. Save bed for sleeping; if you can't sleep for more than half an hour,
get up and go do something else.
11. Don't allow yourself to sleep in, your sub-conscious maybe be counting
on that cheat-time.
12. Avoid day-time naps unless truly exhausted. Train your body to recognize
night as sleeping time.
13. Wiggle your toes to relax your body, and softly massage your stomach
in circles from your navel.
14. Cold feet keep me awake - so wearing socks, and occasionally a heating pad
on my stomach help wonderfully!
15. I've just tried the Clean 9 (cleanse program) and find that my sleep is deeper,
or sounder, and more relaxed - and I thought I was doing well already.

I Can Recommend - Natural Remedies for Sleep

I've just finished the Clean 9 (9 day cleanse) I was telling you about in the last issue. Now I can review it from personal experience and will do so in the next issue of the Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions. But for now, let me just comment that one side effect. I thought I usually slept well, but last week I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I slept even more soundly through the night, and woke up ready to tackle the next day. No lingering sleepiness. It's not the only reason to try the Clean 9 system.

Look up Clean 9, if in CANADA or USA If you are in another country, just click on the upper right corner words, "Retail Aloe Store" and then you should see a drop-down menu that allows you to choose your country, or the one nearest to you. . . . Remember, every purchase is money-back guaranteed if you are disappointed.

Another tip: Get More Info on Triple Complex Sleep Tonic Tissue Salts.

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