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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #003 - Accepting Help When Offered
March 05, 2012

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 1 # 3 March 5, 2012

Note About Aloe Vera Gifts
- First Mailing Results - Photos!
Taking Care of Myself - Accepting Help When Offered
A Practical Tip/Solution - Yes, You can Eat Aloe Vera!
I Recommend - Back To Eden (by Jethro Kloss)
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Note About Aloe Vera Gifts - First Mailing Results - Photos!

Well, our winter is getting milder all the time. During the daytime the snows are melting. However, I'm going to hold off with sending more plants for another few weeks. There's still frost at night.

Meantime, remember that I promised to put up a photo story of the wee aloe vera plant that I sent all the way to Pakistan in January? I did get that up, and nearly forgot to mention it here.icipants sent when his plant arrived in Pakistan. You can see them here, Aloe vera plants by mail.

Taking Care of Myself
- Accepting Help When Offered

Recently I've been getting more involved with an acquaintance who is very reclusive and doesn't like to meet people or have any personal contact. It is hard to reach her by phone as she most often won't answer, and if I go around to her house, she won't answer the door.

I wanted to help her out though, especially after I saw her doing a small job that was physically way too hard for her, but she seemed to think that was her job and she HAD to do it. I intervened and got permission to create an easier job for her, but she has turned it down.

I'm sitting here thinking how hard it is to help that woman. She makes it so difficult! It has a lot to do with her pride, but she's got next to no income and when I checked with her family members, they report too, that they can't get close enough to help her.

My next thought is, "Oh, I hope I never get that way! What can I do to prevent that?"

Well, the most obvious answer is to let friends and family help you when they offer.

Secondly, let at least a few people know of my needs. Even if I don't beg for help, God may use that to stir up the right people to step in for me.

Of course, our first step should be to cry out to God and trust Him to bring assistance to me. (I've tried this lots of times and He does!)

There are social agencies that are ready to help the needy, but you need to apply. If pride gets in the way, you may have to swallow it. Recognize that a false humility is a backhanded kind of pride, and that pride is sin in God's eyes. You are not too 'good' to stoop to ask for help. Asking for help is NOT the sin here.

If you fear you cannot make yourself clearly understood before agency people, you need to find a friend who would come along and act as your advocate and interpreter.

Individuals who keep to themselves, trust no one and never allow anyone to help them out are destined for a miserable and unhappy life, and may die all alone in their hurt.

We are all mere mortals, and happiness comes by humbly recognizing that, and accepting love and help from others, and giving it to others as well. True, that may make us vulnerable to some emotional pain if someone we love wounds us, but to withdraw from our circle of friends and family is only like tearing open that wound with our own fingernails, making it bigger and more festering with infection.

Gulp. Admit you did wrong if you have withdrawn, and move back into that circle of love by forgiving and loving them no matter what they say or do. Then they will return the favour and treat you with respect too, - no matter how odd you have become.

A Practical Tip/Solution
- Yes, You can Eat Aloe Vera!

The question I am asked most often is; can I eat aloe vera? Or the next most asked is, can I eat this particular kind of aloe plant I have?

Well, I have only had experience with the basic aloe vera house plant variety, but my research shows that there are hundreds of types or kinds of aloe plants, and generally they share the healing properties. They may vary a bit in how effective or powerful they are. I've learned that in South Africa, for instance, they grow a much larger plant that has dusty pink leaves, and grows on a root-trunk of two or three feet in height above ground. It is known as aloe ferox and is suppose to be more powerful than my humble aloe vera plants.

I'm convinced that God has created or adapted various types of aloe plants for different parts of the world, and He has generously scattered them in the areas where there are lots of poor people who can't afford medicines. (Not that meds are better by a long shot). But look around where you live. You may find a type of aloe plant that grows like wild weeds where the public can easily access them and help themselves.

As people are discovering their value, some are starting to farm aloe plants and sell them to labs or factories where they are put into products to sell. You may want to transplant a wild aloe plant into your yard, so that you'll have a supply when the ones in the public areas get depleted.

But yes, as I tell many people over and over again, the gel in the aloe leaves is edible, and good for you! Naturally, use some common sense, and don't go overboard right away - or you and others will start spreading negative stories about a good thing

I Can Recommend
- Back To Eden (by Jethro Kloss)

At the beginning I read through the whole book, Back to Eden from front to back, but it didn't take long to realize that I would never remember all it contains, so it has become a reference book for me. Most of the time I have owned it, I start in the index at the back, and go back and forth to read all the pages that mention the herb or food I'm looking up. This way, by learning about one herb quite thoroughly, drying and using it and confirming in my own mind that it has the properties and effects Kloss describes, I am developing my herbal education.

Kloss seems to have had readers like me in mind when setting up Back To Eden. There is a section of over 200 pages on herbs and their uses. In alphabetical order, they are described with their formal and informal names, and he describes what each condition each is good for as a remedy. Then there is another section of about 40 pages which lists specific diseases and problems, and which herbs to look for to help heal that condition. There is yet another longer section, almost 200 pages, on the Treatment of Diseases, where Kloss describes the causes of each problem, the symptoms, and how to correct it. I find this exceptionally helpful! I learned so much from the notes under Acidosis, Catarrh, Constipation, Colitis, and the diagrams and descriptions in the cancer section beat all I've seen anywhere else.

You'll find Back To Eden at Amazon.

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