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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #002 - Interrupt Hard Work with Rest
February 06, 2012

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newletter/ezine of
Vol. 1 # 2 February 6, 2012

Note About Aloe Vera Gifts
- First Mailing Results - Decision!
Taking Care of Myself - Interrupt Hard Work with Rest
A Practical Tip/Solution - How to Search for Answers Online
I Recommend - A Company with Good Aloe Vera Products
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Note About Aloe Vera Gifts - First Mailing Results - Decision!

This plan to send an aloe vera plant to the first 20 subscribers has not worked out quite the way I'd expected. I wrote to about 40 asking for their mailing address and only 4 responded. I sent 4 aloe vera plants out on January 3, and now have word back on how they arrived at their destinations.

Gwen in Ireland, reported to me on Jan. 9th;
Dear Ruth, just to let you know the Aloe Vera plant arrived this morning. I have left it on the window ledge in the kitchen to dry out a bit as it was quite wet. It looks in ok condition although a bit limp and one of the stems broken. I will plant it tomorrow. if you do intend posting them out to people in the near future it may be a good idea to pack them in some kind of semi rigid tubing just so they dont get broken. Anyway thank you so much for including me in your experiment and I will keep you updated on it's growth.

Bethany in Kentucky, reported on Jan. 14th;
The plant arrived frozen and I don't think it will make it. Maybe winter is not such a good time to mail plants?

Ghalib in Pakistan reported on Jan. 19th;

(He has since sent 2 batches of photos which I'm preparing on a separate web page).

Shari in NY, reported on Jan. 26th;
Dear Ruth I just wanted to let you know i received my aloe plant today, sadly the majority of the plant looks dead. There is a small part of the root which i'm going to try to revive. The leaf is smashed and looks like water logged. It might do better mailed in a box. Do you suggest I try to put the root piece in water or soil. Let me know. Thanks.

So I've decided to halt this experiment for now. Even though we are having an unusually mild winter here in my part of Canada, just sending these 4 plants out has taught me several things. Travelling around the world is not the biggest problem for an aloe vera plant. Perhaps the USA is having a harsher winter because both Bethany and Shari said their plants were frozen. My packaging may be a problem. I used clear bags and bubble pack so they would be light-weight and postal workers might take pity on the plants.

I'm sure there's more to learn yet, but right now I'm prepared to wait until North America has a warmer season.

Taking Care of Myself
- Interrupt Hard Work with Rest

My work means that I spend all day, five days a week in front of the computer. When Saturday rolls around I tackle my house and yard work with vim and vigor. I want to get as much done as possible. Usually I don't get everything done, but with my kind of will power I do accomplish quite a lot.

Then in the evening my lower back cries out with loud whimpers that I have over-done it again. My adrenalin system starts to shut down from exhaustion. When that happens I wake up on Sunday morning with a cross-eyed headache, and I feel generally washed up. Like something a cat dragged in! So I spend that Sunday afternoon trying to lie-low - that is, do as little as possible, rest up, and eat as little as I can.

Why not eat? Well, if I do, my digestive system, with the adrenalin and glandular systems on strike, doesn't know what to do with the food. So then I get constipated too.

Does all this ring a bell with you?

Well gradually I've learned that taking two aloe vera capsules helps. So does giving in and having an afternoon nap. Cold packs around the head help quicker for relieving the pressure behind my eyes, and most recently I've added a new lesson that avoids the whole Sunday recovery scenario altogether.

It's so easy, I don't know why I haven't done it sooner!

In July I'd invited some people over on my Birthday Sunday to see my garden - about which I often rave, and they say they'd like to come see it. I knew I had a lot of cleaning and tidying up work to do on Saturday but I didn't want to be "sick" on Sunday, so I carefully paced myself on Saturday. About every two hour or so I stopped working and went to sit back in my recliner to rest for 30 to 60 minutes. Then I got up to tackle another area of work. My back was happy to finally sit for the evening at the computer, but no other stress symptoms. I was fine all day Sunday, though really sleepy and tuckered out when the last guests had come through about 7 pm.

I believe I've discovered a secret I can reuse many times, and share with others; interrupt sessions of hard physical work with rest breaks. Maybe you knew it all along, but that's amazing news to a workaholic like me.

A Practical Tip/Solution
- How to Search for Answers Online

Got a question about aloe vera, or some strange looking plant in your yard? Learn to research it on the internet. The web has the largest mega collection of information ever! Once you learn to access it you can learn about anything you want.

Most of the visitors that come to see my site, arrive because they did a Google search. You can try out hundreds of other search engines, but Google has a reputation now for having access to the most sites, and it is most successful at pulling up information you want.

The secret is in how you do your search. If Google is not already your default search engine with a box in which to enter your search terms, just enter "" (without the quote marks) in your browser's URL address bar. If you have another one you prefer, try that instead.

Now, how to choose the best words to get the best results?

If you enter a generic term like: aloe vera - you might get too broad a range of results to sift through. So narrow your search down somewhat by entering: "eating aloe vera" or even a simple question like, "can I eat aloe vera?" If you wonder if it is possible to start aloe vera from seed (something I have yet to see), you might enter keywords in your search like; "grow aloe vera from seed" and see what sites are pulled up for you.

Now once you have a page of results, that is, links to sites which mention the keywords you entered, you click on them one after another, and go visit those sites to see what they have to say. I usually right-click to open each link in a new tab in Firefox. Then I visit one tab after another, and any site that doesn't seem to have the answers I'm seeking, I just close that tab and go on to the next one. Usually after visiting six or seven sites, I've got my answer. Or at least a general consensus as to what most people in the know say about it.

If not, I may have to go back to the google search bar and enter a new, more accurate keyword phrase. Remember, this takes time, and may involve more than one search session to really get a grasp of the range of answers, and to determine what answer you will accept.

I Can Recommend
- A Company with Good Aloe Vera Products

It would be easy to insist that the only good aloe vera is straight from our own plants, as fresh as lettuce picked for this next meal's salad from your garden. Unfortunately, (sigh) it isn't that easy for everyone. Some have no time or place to look after aloe vera plants. Even if you did, you'd have to grow lots of it to keep up with your own needs or that of your family.

Fortunately, there are companies out there finding ways to put aloe vera into products that you can buy and keep on hand. You can drink them as tasty juices, or put them on your skin as lotions and ointments, and you can even wear them as makeup.

So I've been studying and researching these companies, and so far I had found two I feel I can recommend. But just this morning I have signed up with a third one that looks very promising. Since my mind can change as I get more familiar with them, I think it may be best to ask you to contact me if you want their names and my links to these companies.

One is a big company with representatives in many countries so that almost anyone can get access to these products. On top of all that, if you learn to really like them, you can sign up as a representative yourself, and buy them at a good discount. If you really get enthusiastic about the products, you can sell them to others and make a profit!

Contact & Policies
- Constant

CONTACT INFO: Ruth Marlene Friesen (306)856-7785
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(If it is your first contact with me, you will to be asked to confirm
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That is just the kind of security we enjoy at SBI)

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