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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #025- Tea Tree Oil for Tonails
January 06, 2014

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Taking Care of Ourselves - Tree Tea Oil for Toenails
A Practical Tip/Solution - Aquaponics
I Recommend - Meal Replacement Chocolate
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Tree Tea Oil for Toenails

First of all, a Happy 2014 to you! May every problem you encounter turn into a stepping stone for higher ground in your life.

Here's another example; for I've been discovering Tree Tea Oil for toenails. I thought I had a wart inside my left big toe, that is, on the side facing the second toe. So I got some wart remover from the pharmacy, but it seemed to eat into the skin around that spot, and I stopped that. In researching what else might work better, I stumbled upon Tea Tree Oil. It's something that comes from a certain tree in Australia, and apparently the oil from the leaves is a great anti-fungal that can cure dozens of things. The more I research, the more I find out.

Turns out I had ordered a small tiny bottle of this stuff once with other supplements that I ordered from Puritan's Pride online, but because of the strong smell I had set it aside. I got it out and tried it on my toe nails. Now, I don't think they have a fungal infection, but the nails were beginning to thicken, and had sharp edges. Mornings, before putting on my layers of socks (since it is winter here with very cold temperatures), and at bedtime I smeared some on my toes. They feel better but no dramatic changes right away.

However, this has led me to spend a bit of my time each Monday for this ezine, in researching Tea Tree Oil further. I don't think I've fully exhausted the topic yet, but here's one page I found that offers 80 different uses for Tea Tree Oil. Wow! That makes me think I should find a place to order this stuff by the jug full!

I believe there are far more advanced and intelligent, experienced people reading this ezine than I fully know, so I'll give you a chance to share your knowledge and experience with me. Perhaps I can condense it for a good article next month on Tree Tea Oil.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Aquaponics

Do you know about the people known as Preppers? These are people who see all the troubles in the world building up to a crescendo and they fear that as more and more disasters hit various parts of the world, even the USA, (usually thought of the safest and richest nation), we had better plan for ways to survive when things happen beyond our control.

Personally, I don't listen to the most panicked voices, (as I believe in the Rapture of the Church) but there are some common sense voices in among the Preppers.

One practical idea I read of just recently is the idea of Aquaponics. This means you can grow both fish and garden produce in a small space and it can save tremendous amounts in grocery bills, and labour. This way, even if the supermarkets run out of food, or are cleaned out by looters after a natural disaster, you can still grow your own food for your family. I'm sure this worst-case scenario is a fairly good reason, but what about meeting current food needs at a price we can afford? Or helping out areas where there are extremely poor folks?

This is being done in the war zone in Syria where people can't get access to regular groceries any more. A friend in the UK sent me a link to show that someone in Africa is promoting this idea too - Yet another one, is buying up properties where the poorest, even homeless people are, and is willing to train people in this kind of self-sustainable aquaponics.

Do you know of other uses, or have you tried this yourself? I'd love to hear some credible testimonials.

I Can Recommend - Meal Replacement Chocolate

Did you eat too much over Christmas? Crazy, isn't it, how we can be intelligent people who know how to manage our meal sizes and portions at most any time, but when we are around a table with a bunch of relatives and friends, we end up loading up our plate, and when they pass the serving dishes around again, we load up again. (Or, we may go by the buffet another time). Well, we can repent openly and admit we ate too much, but the extra weight continues to hitch-hike in our body. How to dump it?

My first thought turns to some weight management/loss products from Forever Living. I ordered some meal replacement stuff before Christmas, so that when the dust of the social events settled down I could get back to self-discipline and work off the "hitch-hiker" by walking to the office as many days as possible.

However, my office was scheduled for a new laminate floor over the Christmas break week. Being there, moving furniture out and back into my office suite, and shoveling snow - it all worked wonders for burning extra calories!

So I'm setting this meal replacement chocolate aside for the present, but now it is handy for when my body needs a break, with nutrition built in. Would you like to check this out? It comes with the Clean 9 weight management kit, but can be ordered separately. Here's where to go if you live in CANADA or USA If you are in another country, just click on the upper right corner words, "Retail Aloe Store" and then you should see a drop-down menu that allows you to choose your country, or the one nearest to you. . . . Remember, every purchase is money-back guaranteed if you are disappointed.

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