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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #011 - Canker Sore Remedies & Ointment Recipe
November 05, 2012

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
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Vol. 1 #11 November 1, 2012

Taking Care of Myself - Canker Sore Remedies
A Practical Tip/Solution - My Ointment Recipe
I Recommend - Guard Against Winter Colds - Flu - Viruses
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Taking Care of Myself - Canker Sore Remedies

Have you ever had a canker sore and checked on the internet for some new remedies? Whoa! I just did and was astonished at the range of remedies that people have tried and promote.

I had a canker sore a few weeks ago. And then another on my tongue! At first I just tried to ignore it, thinking it would disappear in a day or two. When it didn't, I tried this and that, but it occurred to me as I was going to bed one night that I hadn't tried aloe vera yet. Quickly I put on the light in the kitchen, cut a one inch piece of aloe vera leaf, and sliced it open. Then I scraped the gel out with at teaspoon and laid that piece of aloe vera gel inside my lower lip, right by the canker sore. I closed my mouth and went to bed.

The next morning it had dissolved. I still had some stinging pain when I ate, especially tomatoes (which were in season and I was enjoying several a day!) So I inserted a chunk of aloe vera gel again the next night, and I don't recall that I remembered to do it again the third night. Canker sore is gone.

But oh my! Checking online to see what others recommend I see that there are dozens and dozens of remedies that people have tried and swear by. Do you recognize any of these?

Salt, hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, baking soda, honey, tea bags, apple cider vinegar, ice, milk of Magnesia, topical dental gel, Carbamide peroxide, acidophilus, potassium chlorate (rinse), plum juice, alum, Tree Tea oil, onion, sage, copper sulfate, sorrel, Spray Vicks chloraseptic, boron, lysine, and cayenne! I'm sure that's not an exhaustive list, but it shows us that many people have grappled with this problem.

That is probably good, because not all of us have access to the same remedies, but if you do have an aloe vera plant, my suggestion is putting a chunk of aloe vera gel in your mouth to dissolve as it heals your canker sore.

A Practical Tip/Solution - My Ointment Recipe

I'm a little torn about whether to share my ointment recipe freely, or to try to make money with it. However, it is not fair to keep something so simple and helpful to myself. I'll share it here, and if an opportunity comes later to sell some that will turn out okay too.

My recipe is adapted and changed somewhat from recipes I found online and which a penpal online gave me. Mainly to work with what I had at hand, and what I wanted to accomplish.

My Ointment Recipe

1 cup olive oil
1/2 cup of beeswax shavings cut from a larger block
1-3 hands full of dried herbs, (can be calendula, plantain, comfrey, etc.)
2-3 capsules of aloe vera gel and/or vitamin E (optional)
a few drops of almond or other flavouring oils for scent
a double boiler saucepan
little jars for your ointment with tightly closing screw lids.

1. I set up the double boiler, or since I don't have one right now, I use a stainless steel bowl that fits over a saucepan so water can boil beneath in the pot, but the ointment ingredients will not be too near the heat.

[Warning: keep the beeswax from direct heat or you will have a terrible fire. Nothing needs to boil except the water below to get the oil, wax and herbs to co-mingle and for the herbs' goodness to be absorbed into the oil/wax].

2. Pour the olive oil into the upper pot or the stainless steel bowl.

3. Shave small curls or chunks of the beeswax off the block with a sharp knife. When you have enough to fill a half cup, drop them into the oil, and turn on the heat. Low to medium is good enough.

4. When the beeswax has melted into the oil, drop the dried herbs into the warm oil/wax by handfuls. (Sometimes I mix two or three kinds of herbs, depending on why I need this ointment). As long as you can get more herbs in, I think it's okay to add more. The point is to get all the herbs well-coated with the oil/wax mixture.

5. Now put on a lid or plate to cover and set aside to steep for a few hours - even over-night, if busy.

6. Later put it all back on the stove and heat up again so the solidified wax melts again. Look closely and if the wax appears harder than you want your ointment to be, add a little more oil. If the mixture didn't get firm enough, you should add some more beeswax shavings.

7. Pour the whole mixture through a fine sieve into another container, and then from there into your jars. Try to do it quickly enough so the ointment does not set and harden before it is in the jars. Leave the jars open until the ointment has cooled and set. Prepare some labels for the jars, and set them in the fridge until ready to use. (Remember, there is no preservative in this recipe, so the ointment should be used up in 6 months or it may smell rancid).

Have you got an herbal ointment recipe to share?

I Can Recommend - Guard Against Winter Colds - Flu - Viruses

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There are 100 softgels in each bottle, that's 500 Vitamin D - at the rate of one a day, if you are just buying for yourself, one order will keep you well for a year and 4 months!

Sometimes I keep an extra bottle in my purse and when I meet a friend who is sniffling, or coughing her head off, I give her that bottle. A very practical gift that only cost me $2.50. (Well, shipping is extra for me, since I'm in Canada).

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