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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #021 - Seed Saver
October 07, 2013

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 2 #22 October 7, 2013

Taking Care of Ourselves - Pretty Powerful Parsley!
A Practical Tip/Solution - Start an Herbal Planter
I Recommend - Forever Bright Toothgel
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Taking Care of Ourselves - Pretty Powerful Parsley!

parsley leaves washed and ready to spread for drying

It had already been a busy domestic Saturday for me that sunny day in September, but I harvested all my Italian parsley just before supper. That is pretty powerful parsley!

I guess I didn't think that through because then I spent another two and a half hours on my feet by the sink, just cleaning and sorting the long white roots for freezing and the leaves for drying.

There are basically two kinds, the curly leafed parsley that garnishes a lot of restaurant dishes, which does not have a big root, and the Italian flat leaf parsley which has a stronger flavour, and that my mom insisted on growing when we could. Some years it would not grow in our garden. But Mom liked to dry or freeze the roots for a stronger flavour in her borschts and soups.

Once I've cleaned the parsley roots, I cram as many as I can into yogurt cups, put each cup into a zip-lock back and throw into the freezer. Then, I just need to expose one cup of roots to the air, when I pull out some for cooking.

You may be more familiar with the curly parsley leaves that you or a restaurant staff put on top of a dish of food as a garnish. My Mom preferred the Italian parsley, which seems to be a bit more fussy about growing in the garden (some years it hasn't come up at all). Like Mom, I put the roots into the freezer to use for soups and borchts as it adds a much richer flavour than the leaves of curly parsley, and I use the dried and crumbled leaves to add to dishes while working at the stove through the winter.

The following Monday I got to thinking, as I worked on this site, "What if there are other recipes or things to do with parsley?" I decided to do a bit of online research.

Well! I seem to be the last to know! ...[Go to Parsley for the full page.]

A Practical Tip/Solution - Start an Herbal Planter

If you like fresh herbs handy enough to pluck and use in the kitchen, why not start an herbal planter? It could sit right next to your aloe vera plants on your kitchen window sill. Never done this before? Here's how.

Find a large pot, maybe at least a foot high or wide, and fill it with a mix of garden dirt and peat moss. (If not in a hurry, add some kitchen waste, like skins and peels of fruits and vegetables, buzz them in the food processor and mix that in the soil too, for compost enrichment. You might be wise to leave the pot alone a week or two so the compost can decompose).

Meantime, gather seeds or seedlings of the herbs you like to have on hand, such as parsley, mint, cilantro, basil, chives and even onions, etc. (You might be wise to leave out dill and summer savoury as they will fill your house with their powerful scents! You could feel crowded out of your home.)

Ready? Now simply sow the seeds in the well-watered soil mix, and crumble some of the soil over the seeds to give them a warm dark place to germinate. Water your herbal planter regularly. In about a month or two you can start picking leaves here and there, and soon your herbal planter will keep you well-supplied with fresh herbs.

I Can Recommend - Forever Bright Toothgel

I've been using the Forever Bright Toothgel as my toothpaste for quite a while now, and I need to start telling you about it. In a way, I've got so used to it that I take it for granted, but that's a good sign. It became my favourite toothgel or paste right from the start, and I don't feel any need to switch back or try any other. It serves me well.

It has a bright, but light mint taste that does not overpower as in some toothpastes.

Nor do I need a lot at one time. I've found that a small dab on the toothbrush is quite sufficient for me. Which means this stuff goes much further than the other toothpastes.

It costs just under $7.00 for a 4.6 oz tube. -- Hey, I just did the math; I'm on my 14th month with this Forever Bright Toothgel, so it's only costing me .50/month! And I'm not finished yet!

Want to order some too? Here's where you go; if you live in the USA and here's where you go if you live in Canada

(Email me if you live in another country; I can send you a coded link so that you are my guest at the Forever site).

P.S. By the way, did you know you can sign up as a distributor too, and get great discounts on all your purchases? Let me know if you have any questions or problems doing that, okay?

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