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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions (monthly news), - My Visitors - 10-6-14
October 06, 2014

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 3 Vol. 3 #33 September 1, 2014

Taking Care of Ourselves - My Visitors
A Practical Tip/Solution - Remember & Understand My Site
I Recommend - Payza
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Taking Care of Ourselves - My Visitors

My visitors to my site often leave such kind comments in the ReachMe form they make me blush. I try to respect everyone's privacy, but lately some of them have been quite open and willing for me to repeat their testimonials. Since you may be wondering what other people think, I'm going to take time share some of these great comments today.

Diane recently said,
"Ruth, I want to thank you for all the great Aloe information on your web site. I don't have enough Aloe plants for an everyday dose, so I did find some capsules at our local health food store, following your guidelines and some common sense to be sure that they are aloe and are without a bunch of other stuff in them. I have been taking them now for 4 days and I have already felt a difference.

Reason for them is last winter I had got an couple bad infections, and winter will be here soon, and I wanted to boost my immune system, so maybe I can get through winter without a lot of problems. The meds the Doctors give for infections, virus etc., to me are just as bad as the infection itself. I don't take pills, not unless I really have to. So when I get pills for infections they are too strong for me, and most of the time make me sick. So, here's to trying aloe instead!

Again thank you,

Richo wrote,
Ruth, Thank you so much for spreading the truth about aloe! We are aloe lovers over here and have hover 25 species including aloe vera, in our seed/plant catalogue. Horizon Herbs, LLC. Please let people know about us!

Of course I went to check out his family's website, and was blown away! At last, here is a site that offers a variety of aloe plants for sale, plus, far more herbs than I was aware of! They only send the plants to USA destinations, as shipping plants internationally is impossible to a lot of countries. But then they also send seeds - and if you know me, you know what an inveterate seed-collector I am! I think I'd read a hint here or there, that it was possible to grow aloe plants from seed, but didn't know anyone had actually succeeded.

All this is extra useful information to pass on to Sarita, whom I told you about last month.

Because of the frequent questions I get asking where to buy aloe vera plants, I have already added links to on my pages that refer to buying aloe vera plants. Are you looking for aloe vera plants? Do checkout

When I can sort out how much room I can spare in my little house, I want to order some!

In further conversations with Richo I've discovered their Facebook page, and whew - they keep that updated with all kinds of interesting herb information. I've marked to follow their page, but - I still need to make time to get to Facebook more regularly.

By the way, you probably didn't know that I have a Facebook page too, for my aloe vera site. I'm afraid I've neglected it for lack of time, and perhaps - motivation. Should you be inclined to pay it a visit and click that you want to be a Follower (It's "Friends" for personal pages), that may just encourage me to make more of an effort there. Seeing Richo's page inspires me to realize the potential if I use mine wisely.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Remember & Understand My Site

Have you ever come to my site, started reading here and then clicked that, and another page, and then another, - and then said to yourself, "I can't stay here any longer! I'd like to stay, but I have other things to do!" So... reluctantly you click away.

Then some days or weeks later, you are in a conversation with someone and you find yourself saying, "Oh, I found a site that I think has answers to that question... but...." you're stuck; you can't recall the web URL for that site, and are not sure you could find your way back. This can be really frustrating. I know, because such experiences taught me how to do research until I found the site again.

If your friend asks, "Well, what was that site all about? What were the main points it was making?" do you go, "Duh... I didn't notice."?

I have two solutions to both situations.

One is to sign up for this monthly ezine, Aloe Vera Tips and Solutions. (Which you may already have done - if you are reading this).

The other is to sign up for my short autoresponder course by email. It is called, Can You Eat Aloe Vera?" For the next little while, you'll get prepared emails from me, that explains the main points of my site, but in short bites that you can read in five minutes or less. The emails come at intervals over 13 days, so they don't flood your email inbox all at once. Each email has links to my site. This gives you a chance to get better acquainted with me, and with the premise of my site,, and you can find your way back any time you want. You could always forward or share one of the emails with a friend who has the same questions, as well.

Both the ezine and the email series by autoresponder are free ways to gain information, and to develop our friendship. However, if at any time you feel that you've got enough, you disagree with me, or you find you don't have time to read my emails any more, you can stop them with one quick click - the link that is always at the bottom of each email.

When I first came online in 1999, I discovered that I could really get myself an education and get to know the owners of a website by signing up for their ezines, or courses. I expanded my knowledge in many directions in that simple way that costs nothing at all. Besides that, I gained some new friends!

I Recommend - Payza

Some people have problems with PayPal and want an alternative. Even if you get along fine with PayPal, it doesn't hurt to get an account with another similar company, that seems to reach into many countries that PayPal will not deal with. It is extremely useful for shopping online to have good, safe alternatives. That's why I suggest "Payza".

Not only is it free to sign up with Payza for an account, you can you use Payza to send or receive money more globally than with PayPal, AND you can receive monetary rewards if others sign up from your recommendation link, and begin to use Payza for financial transactions.

Sign up with Payza today. Try it out; you never know when you may need it.

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