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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, Issue #010 - God's Pharmacy
October 01, 2012

Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions
monthly newsletter/ezine of
Vol. 1 #10 October 1, 2012

Taking Care of Myself -Herbs in God's Pharmacy
A Practical Tip/Solution - Harvesting Herbs
I Recommend - Info about Alkaline Water Ionizers
Contact & Policies

Taking Care of Myself - Herbs in God's Pharmacy

You may have noticed on my website, references to herbs in God's pharmacy to heal us, and that they are often so readily available that even poor people have access to these natural medicines.

If you are a gardener, it is possible that you have grown herbs deliberately, or even accidentally, because some of them are appreciated for their flowers as well. If you know nothing about gardening, and live in the city, you may still go out and find some growing wild beside the sidewalk where you stand to wait for a bus.

This fall I have been harvesting a row of fennel in my garden (both fern and roots, but I still have to figure out how to use the roots). I've also harvested my basil, and a row of Italian parsley (yes, that's also an herb), some giant leaves from my comfrey plant by the front door, and some basins full of mint which grows wild in my flowerbeds. I have calendula, which is of the marigold flower family, and good for skin conditions, growing wild in my garden. However, I didn't harvest them in time, and now they've gone to seed and the leaves are all sticky from some invisible insect - so I guess I missed this year's harvest of calendula.

Oh yes, in spring I harvested plantain back behind my car's parking spot by the back gate. That's the herb that grows wild anywhere, even the apparently weedy spots beside city sidewalks, and right in the walking paths in back alleys and out in the country and in wooded areas. Once you learn to recognize it, you'll spot it everywhere. It is known by many other names... but I'll let you go read up on it on my website, Plantain.

A Practical Tip/Solution - Harvesting Herbs

Harvesting herbs is not hard, although if you can, watch for the best time of the year to pick whole, healthy leaves, and sometimes the flowers and roots as well. You will have better quality herbal solutions. Wash them with plain cool or warm water - no soap - then spread them on paper towels or wax paper to air dry. In a few days the leaves will be all dried and delicately brittle. Crumble them in your hands into finer flakes, or do it in a blender if you like them super fine.

Now pour each herb into bottles or containers and label. I find that emptied supplement bottles work great for this. Attach a label to remind you which herb and what year's harvest it is from. That will be handy when you come across a mis-placed bottle a few years ahead, and wonder, "How old is this stuff?" Not that dried herbs go bad, but it may help you to keep things sorted in your cupboards.

Another time I'll share how to use your dried herbs, including my ointment recipe.

I Can Recommend - Info about Alkaline Water Ionizers

I have a friend who has become quite interested in a certain brand of alkaline water ionizers. Just a week ago I found this helpful information for her. If you have such an ionizer (doesn't matter what brand) attached to your tap water, or if you are considering getting one, you ought to know this man's information first.

These ionizers do wonders for a lot of people. Especially when they first get their machine, but then after a while they seem to lose their power. Hemen Ee has been a tech to service those machines for a number of years, and he knows what can go wrong, and how you can fix or prevent that problem.

Dirty Secrets of Alkakine Water Ionizers

Contact & Policies - Constant

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