ARGI plus

We can take better care of ourselves with ARGI plus. It improves our blood flow all through our body and when taken with aloe vera juice gives us three times the energy! Yes, it makes a difference! I've been trying it out for the last few months, usually at bedtime. When I forget I can tell the next day or so.

Dr. Murad is one of three doctors who discovered L-Arginine, an amino acid, which together with an enzyme, nitric oxide synthase, makes nitric oxide in our bodies. That nitric oxide cleans and speeds our blood throughout our vascular system. Unfortunately, our bodies don't produce as much L-Arginine as we need to see huge changes, so Forever Living has devised a formula, that mixed with water so we can drink it. However, by itself, L-Arginine doesn't make up all we lack. It needs some cofactors in vitamins and antioxidants.

to get maximum benefits, Forever Living also contains antioxidant berries; black currents, blueberries, cherries, elderberries, and raspberries. These ingredients give you a lovely colour change in the drink as you stir it in your glass! It has red wine extract too.

What exactly does ARGI+ drink do for us?
It helps our blood vessels dilate so the blood flows more freely
It improves our blood pressure levels
It improves our immune function
It helps our muscle growth
It causes growth and repair in our bones and tissues
It helps male sexual function
It helps metabolism of fat and glucose
It stimulates production of anti-aging hormones
.... and that's just what's been discovered so far!

This video will give you more details about ARGI+:
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The people who are most enthusiastic about this discovery and product are athletes, but I watched a video interview with Dr. Murad and it was pointed out that this is for everyone. Not just the athletes. I read a testimonial of a runner who drinks ARGI+ 30 to 45 minutes before running. He takes some along to sip when he feels exhausted along the way, and he has another drink of ARGI+ when he is cooling down. He says it speeds up recovery from running hard, it keeps his legs from being achy during or after running, and it causes his heart rate to drop.

The only downside I know of ARGI+ is that it is rather expensive. Mind you, the container does warn those who have had a heart attack/mycardial infarction, and pregnant women, or those breastfeeding, not to take ARGI+. (I would assume because there have not been enough scientific tests run to make sure it is safe).

Fortunately, as a distributor I can buy it at wholesale price from Forever Living. Personally, I only take one small scoop of the powder in an 8 oz. glass of water at bedtime, and some nights I skip to make my supply last me longer. However, I've seen some cylists keep it in their water bottle so they can indulge whenever they are thirsty.

If you have ever had chest pains, your doctor mayhave given you nitroglycerin under your tongue, so you know how quickly that eases chest pain. Nitric acid is the same powerful stuff!

It helps to see what others are saying after they have tried ARGI+, so check out the testimonials in this video;
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Go to the Forever Living website. You'll find the can of ARGI+ powder and also a pack of 30 ARGI+ sticks (you break one open into your water bottle) here; in the Nutrition section of my USA Forever Living store. Or, if you are in Canada, go here to: the Nutrition section of my Canadian Forever Living store.

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