Aloe Vera for Thinning Hair

About aloe vera for thinning hair, or hair loss:

Marcia writes: I found your site very helpful.

I have thinning hair, and I have tried everything but nothing worked. I heard aloe vera is helpful in restoring and preventing hair loss. Do you know anything about this?

How should it be applied to the scalp?

Thanks in advance!

My Answer:

Well, Marcia, I don't have first hand experience with aloe for thinning hair, but I have read of it.

I have used it for an itchy scalp. What I did then, was prepare some of the aloe vera gel as if for swallowing, but when I shampooed my hair, I paused after I had wet my hair, and rubbed the aloe vera gel into my hair at the roots. I just spread and worked it around with my fingertips. Then I continued with my shampoo and rinse as per usual.

My hair felt so fine and clean and my scalp was relaxed and contented. I think because it was finally nourished.

So I would think, Marcia, that you would do the same for this thinning hair problem. Maybe several times over a few weeks. See what happens.

Since aloe vera plants WANT to live and will go to all lengths to keep living and growing unless we kill them with a severe frost, I would just find it natural that as your scalp gets that aloe into it, the hair would want to grow too. I'm just not aware of any hard facts to prove it true.

If you try aloe vera for thinning hair, and find that it does help or increases hair growth, I would love to have your story and some photos to put on my website so that others can be reassured that it works! Okay?

Ready to give me your stories or questions? Just use the form on that page.

P.S. Since this question came up, another visitor to this site, from the island of Maderia, off of the coast of Portugal, has written in to report how he and his wife have found a thriving business venture in providing aloe vera products specifically for people who have problems with thinning hair,or balding. Their own story and the testimonials they are getting back from users of their product are quite thrilling! You will want to read this page next, Aloe Vera Hair Tonic and Gel, which has reports from customers who used aloe vera for thinning hair.

Another option: search under Personal Products at my FLP store for shampoos, conditioners, etc., for aloe vera for thining hair

Wishing you a full head of glorious hair!

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