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Just a few years ago I was complaining that I couldn't order Aloe Vera Capsules - Canadian sources. I found one in the USA at Puritians Pride. I was able to order them a few times, and really liked these capsules. But then they said they were not allowed to ship these over the border any more. There seemed to be none available in Canada.

How quickly things change on the internet! This year, 2017, as I've searched again, now there are many sites selling all kinds of aloe vera capsules from Canadian businesses. (Mind you, I still pine for the aloe vera capsules from Puritan's Pride). It would even appear that some of them are importing them from the USA. has a lovely selection of 9 different bottles of aloe vera capsules in various strengths. The brands carried are Now Foods, Nature's Way, and Nature's Answers, and some include additional helps added in, like probiotics, fennel seed, and Cascara Sagrada. this site asks for your province and you are served the items available to you in that province. (That makes me wonder if there are some provinces that restrict the sale of aloe vera products).

The site carries 23 aloe vera products, six of which are aloe vera capsules. The rest are various types of aloe vera juices. The brands are Now Foods and Nature's Way, plus one new to me, called Organika. The prices are reasonable here as well. Here you find 13 different bottles or jugs of aloe vera juice by Lily of the Desert, which is fine, but only two bottles of aloe vera capsules. One by Nature's Way, and one by Organika.

I do have a small complaint or two. I wish these sites would clearly indicate the strength of the aloe vera capsules. It makes a difference to me whether the capsules have 25 or 50 mg, or if they have over 400 and even 500 mg. On their Organika product I was able to find the strength by moving my cursor over the image until it magnified the information that is has 250 mg.

Secondly, some brands, like Nature's Way, describe the aloe vera capsules as just a laxative. Aloe vera can do so much more for you! It can heal whatever is ailing you inside your body. It is a fairly gentle laxative, but it has many more benefits.

I believe that children and people new to aloe vera should start with smaller milligrams per capsule. But once you know what effects it has on you, and feel you can handl it, I believe it is safe to increase the amount per capsule. As with anything, you need to keep your wits about you, and watch for changes in symptoms, and regulate the quantities and strengths accordingly. is a shopping search engine that brings in results from a number of stores. Or is suppose to. In this search it came up with 18 bottles of aloe vera capsules but most of them are from If you are a frugal shopper like me, you'll probably take time to compare the prices here and what you actually find on

Why? Just because we like to know we got the very best price possible. sells some aloe vera juices and one bottle of Oganika capsules, the 250 mg, but their price is higher than the other places aleady discovered. - this comparison search engine has found the most aloe vera capsules I've seen in one place so far! It includes some found on ebay, and also on Puritans Pride, (and the prices there still look the best!) The strengths per capsule range from about 25 mg (or no mention) and all the way up to 5000 and 8000 mg!

Yikes, I think I would save those for when really sick, and needing to be brought back to life in a hurry!

If you are looking for a broad range of aloe vera capsules - this might be a good starting point, at

(This may sound as if I have only one string on my violin): My favourite place so far has been Puritan's Pride. It is in the USA, but our Canadian government has put limits on what supplements and prescriptions Canadians can order from over the border. (Harumph!?)

For my American readers, I give you this link to Puritan's Pride for Aloe Vera Softgels-25 mg-100-Softgels

For Canadians I suggest you look over the choices further above. I wish you success!

P.S. - This company produces aloe products in California and sells them through select stores in Canada. I could not find any aloe vera capsules, but wouldn't mind trying out their juices which mix aloe vera gel with blueberry and other juices, such as cranberry, grape juice, pommegranate, and black cherry. I'll see when I can afford those experiments.

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